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Smell and taste my luxury leather
Smell and taste my luxury leather
Smell and taste my luxury leather

Smell and taste my luxury leather

March 19, 2023,   7 mins 39

From the finest leather boots, to my buttery soft leather dress and divine leather gloves...all your senses will be awakened as you worship, smell and taste my luxurious leather.

Contains: POV, femdom, boots, gloves, dress, pantyhose

Governess Cherry part 1

March 15, 2023,   9 mins 10

Oh dear! This male slut has no control, he just got caught wanking without Governess Cherry's permission! Now she will take chanrge and use him for her pleasure.

Contains: femdom, skirts, gloves, coats/jackets, boots, redhead, high heels

Orgasms in our shiny leggings part2

March 11, 2023,   8 mins 09

Watch us rub our leatherclad asses together and use our vibrators on our horny pussies. Cum join us for the leather fetish fun.

Contains: leggings, coats/jackets, toy, boots, gloves, girl/girl

Shiny black catsuit JOI

March 7, 2023,   9 mins 32

You simply cannot resist me, dressed in this super tight shiny catsuit. My legs and ASS look so perfect in it. You are getting hard just from looking at my leatherclad body...and I know you would love to cum on my ass, don't you? Start stroking and follow my instructions and I may just let you.

Contains: high heels, catsuit, POV, JOI, dungeon

Leather smother by cruel blondes part2

March 3, 2023,   8 mins 46

They take turns as they take his breath away and smother him. Keeping him down on the floor...his oxygen supply cut off by their leather gloved hands and ass. Maybe he will live a healthier lifestyle after this.

Contains: blonde, trousers, coats/jackets, boots, gloves, smother, femdom

Leather cum slave reward

February 27, 2023,   13 mins 05

I love how my leather slut's cock is always standing to attention when I am near. He is such a horny boy for me and adores my leather garments so much. I instruct him to lick my leatherclad ass and I play with his erection. As excited as he may be, he must withstand the teasing and give full control to me. I will decide to milk him once he has pleased me...straight on to my leather skirt.

Contains: femdom, high heels, skirts, coats/jackets, cum on skirt

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