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Cum twice on my shiny leggings
Cum twice on my shiny leggings
Cum twice on my shiny leggings

Cum twice on my shiny leggings

February 7, 2023,   10 mins 19

Are you ready for a challenge? I want you to stroke and cum twice for my shiny leggings...but I make myself climax first. Let's masturbate together so we can get these pants sticky and messy on the front and the back.

Contains: boots, gloves, leggings, coats/jackets, JOI, vibrator, POV

Leather smother by cruel blondes part1

February 3, 2023,   8 mins 01

Nesty and Nikki decide to test their slave's lung capacity, as he is a smoker, he probably won't last long underneath their sexy leatherclad butts...but it will be fun for the cruel blondes.

Contains: blonde, trousers, femdom, coats/jackets, smother, gloves, boots, high heels

Cum on my leather trench coat

January 30, 2023,   11 mins 33

Of course you cannot resist my full leather outfit, especially my sexy trench coat. It looks so smooth and shiny doesn't it? Let me wrap it around your erection and tease you even more with my gloved hands. It will be hard to resist but you must...your cock will only be milked when I allow it, for maximum cum pleasure.

Contains: coats/jackets, boots, skirts, gloves, cumshot, handjob, POV, pantyhose

Cum with Coco in leather

January 26, 2023,   8 mins 39

Hot in leather and gloves! Sexy Coco invites you to jerk yourself off as she uses her gloved hands on her wet pussy.

Contains: boots, gloves, skirts, solo, masturbation

Leather smoking and orgasms

January 22, 2023,   11 mins 10

Love leather and smoking? So do we! So join us for a sizzling hot and horny clip in which Coco and I smoke together and pleasure ourselves at the same time. Sensual, sexual and highly erotic for real fetish lovers.

Contains: smoking, girl/girl, catsuit, boots, gloves, dungeon, toy

Leather and fur makes you cum

January 18, 2023,   10 mins 38

The look of my soft leathers and fur coat makes you hard doesn't it? You can't wait to be touched by my leather gloved hands...to be stroked by my furs...and to cum all over my gloves.

Contains: fur, dress, boots, gloves, pantyhose, handjob, POV, cumshot

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