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Steamy blowjob by leather MILFs part 1

May 29, 2020,   7 mins 34

When he gets out of the shower, he sees Nikki and Chrisina all dressed in black leather, they look so hot! Luckily for him, these two MILF's are always horny and decide to have some fun with his cock, playing with it with their leather gloves and sucking him off. He is so hard for them!

Contains: boots, gloves, dress, blonde, handjob, blowjob

Dommes kinky blackjack part 2

May 25, 2020,   10 mins 41

Watch two Dommes have fun with each other and a strap-on after a lost game of blackjack. A classic!

Contains: boots, coats/jackets, gloves, strap-on, girl/girl, ebony, stockings

Smothered by leather Goddess Liz part 2

May 21, 2020,   7 mins 08

He must suffer for her. Then she places her perfect leatherclad ass on his face to smother him even more. He can barely breath and it is pleasing Mistress Liz very much. He is her male toy and she decides when he gets oxygen.

Contains: trousers, boots, gloves, blonde, femdom

Miss Sixty leather pants fuck part 1

May 17, 2020,   6 mins 54

Love having fun with my leather slave at home, he is always so horny and desperate for my leathers. As he has been a good boy and if he worships my leatherclad ass properly, I will allow him to inhale all my leather garments and fuck my vintage MISS SIXTY pants. He will have to please me before I allow him to CUM on my leather butt.

Contains: trousers, boots, gloves, femdom, handjobs

Horny leatherclad biker girls part 1

May 13, 2020,   7 mins 31

Vicky and Nesty are admiring each others leather gloves, boots and outfit...but these horny girls want more.

Contains: boots, gloves, trousers, coats/jackets, blonde, outdoors, girl/girl

Milked by leather Mistresses part 1

May 9, 2020,   7 mins 11

Our leather slave is sporting a very nice, big cock...ready to be milked by our skilled hands. His dick and orgasms belongs to us, we will decide if and when he is allowed to cum.

Contains: femdom, gloves, boots, skirts, corset, handjob

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