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Sexy Yasmin fits leather skirts
Sexy Yasmin fits leather skirts
Sexy Yasmin fits leather skirts

Sexy Yasmin fits leather skirts

September 23, 2023,   13 mins 29

The busty Yasmin invites you in to the bedroom for a sexy leather skirt fitting. She loves them so much! And she loves to tease you whilst wearing them. Which one do you find the hottest?

Contains: fitting, skirts, big boobs, stockings, high heels

Cum on my leather ass JOI

September 19, 2023,   11 mins 01

Nothing gets you harder than the sight of my tight, leatherclad ass. I want you to stroke your cock and worship my perfect, shiny bottom. Breath in my perfect scents and blow your load on my command.

Contains: gloves, boots, leggings, POV, JOI

Smothered leather fuck toy part2

September 15, 2023,   8 mins 15

His cock is rockhard and perfect to be teased now, he is not allowed to cum just yet but instead has to control himself as both ladies sit on his face and smother him with their leatherclad ass and pussies. Only at the end can he release himself...on the leathers of course.

Contains: blonde, dungeon, femdom, boots, gloves, skirts, corset, smother, handjob, cumshot

Fucking leather slave girl Coco part1

September 11, 2023,   7 mins 25

Slave girl Coco just can't seem to stop wanking behind my back. She is just always horny and wet!

Contains: girl/girl, boots, gloves, strap-on, trousers, skirts, corset

Spunk on my leather trench coat

September 7, 2023,   10 mins 31

Oh my, I am wearing that stunning and super luxurious Gucci leather trench coat again. You love watching me, don't you? Tell you what...let's see you stroke yourself for my leathers but don't cum too quickly...wait until I give you the signal to spunk all over my leather coat.

Contains: coats/jackets, high heels, gloves, pantyhose, JOI

Leather ass worship cum countdown

September 3, 2023,   12 mins 33

Aren't you a lucky leather slave? Being allowed such a close look at two leatherclad Dommes... Of course we are going to use you for for leather worship, maybe if you lick our leatherclad butts to our satisfaction we will even instruct you to jerk yourself off onto them.

Contains: JOI, POV, femdom, boots, gloves, leggings, coats/jackets

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