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Kept as My leather slave

April 3, 2020,   10 mins 29

Welcome to your new life: here you will be kept as my leather slave. With my whip at hand, you will follow my instructions and carefully worship my leatherclad body. Your duty is to clean and polish all my leathers, to follow me around like a doggy, to obey my orders. I love teasing you, making you horny and desperate...it gets me wet but you, my leather pet will suffer and obey.

Contains: boots, gloves, trousers, coats/jackets, POV, femdom, outdoors

Blondes having fun in leather part 1

March 30, 2020,   7 mins 16

Nikki and Shona are dressed for each other in tight leather dresses and boots. Both are such a horny sight! They love licking and tasting their leathers and hot pussies. This kinky duo clearly enjoys lesbian leather sex.

Contains: boots, dress, blonde, girl/girl

Smothered and milked by My leather leggings part2

March 26, 2020,   8 mins 46

My leggings look perfect wrapped around his hard cock and I wank him off in several positions, ultimately making him fuck my leggings and cum on my leatherclad ass.

Contains: high heels, trousers, handjob, cum on ass, femdom

Hot orgasm in leather and satin

March 22, 2020,   9 mins 51

Coco is looking super sexy in her tight black leather skirt and silky satin blouse. She loves dressing for pleasure and her gloved hands will bring her just that: orgasm.

Contains: gloves, skirts, solo, masturbation

Kinky leather fetish photoshoot part 2

March 18, 2020,   7 mins 27

I decide to have some fun with him and feel him rub his hard cock on my black leather scirt and between my hands. He got so excited rubbing his dick on to my leatherclad ass that I encourage him to cum on it.

Contains: high heels, skirts, coats/jackets, pantyhose, handjob, cum on ass

Lesbian sex in full leather part 2

March 14, 2020,   7 mins 13

Nesty and Vicky love pleasuring each other and enjoying their fetish for leather. They look SO hot in those leggings and jackets.

Contains: boots, trousers, coats/jackets, girl/girl, blonde

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