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Leather leggings fuck and cumshot part1

September 22, 2020,   9 mins 57

The girls are dressed for the party in full leather and their male friend will join them...he seems to be very horny already. You can't blaim him, being surrounded by these two hot leather babes.

Contains: outdoors, boots, gloves, blonde, coats/jackets, trousers, handjobs

Addicted to My shiny leggings

September 18, 2020,   9 mins 46

The moment you see me dressed in my shiny black leggings you know your addiction kicks in. There is something about a sexy, confident woman wearing bad-ass leggings isn't it? You are drawn towards my leatherclad ass and I love teasing you with my curves, my leather gloves and sexy moves. I want you to edge, edge and edge some more so you will only get more addicted to my sexy, shiny body and ass.

Contains: boots, trousers, POV, JOI, gloves

Lesbian sex in long leather coats part 2

September 14, 2020,   7 mins 17

They just have to play with each other in these hot outfits. They love feeling leather gloves on their wet pussies and driving each other crazy in their leathers.

Contains: blonde, coats/jackets, girl/girl, boots, gloves, dungeon

Leather and satin cock tease part 2

September 10, 2020,   9 mins 41

I want you to lay down and enjoy the ride as I am going to tease you so hard. Your dick is going to explode in the end once I am done with you. You will get stimulated by my hands, leather gloves and sexy lips and tongue. Can you hold yourself back till the very end?

Contains: gloves, pantyhose, POV, handjob, skirts, cum on gloves

Cum on Nomi's shiny ass part 1

September 6, 2020,   7 mins 00

She keeps him under her desk, on a leash like her pet until she decides to have some fun with him. Miss Nomi loves being worshipped by her leather slave but he must obey her...always.

Contains: trousers, dry humping, high heels, femdom

Spikes studs and leather

September 2, 2020,   9 mins 23

Leather makes you weak. But when I wear leather, you lose your mind. You simply cannot control yourself, so I will control you. You will worship every inch of my leatherclad body, every spike, every stud. You will obey and lick my leathers whilst dripping precum. I love using your tongue for my pleasure and watch you worship me, your leather goddess.

Contains: high heels, trousers, POV, coats/jackets, tease

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