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Naughty blondes dressing in leather part2
Naughty blondes dressing in leather part2
Naughty blondes dressing in leather part2

Naughty blondes dressing in leather part2

June 13, 2021,   7 mins 18

These hot blondes look amazing in their leathers, don't they? I am sure you would like to join them.

Contains: girl/girl, blonde, trousers, skirts, coats/jackets, boots, high heels

Last humping on my vintage coat

June 9, 2021,   8 mins 55

Bye bye my beautiful vintage leather coat. Now you are on your way to one of my fans who just bought you. So it is only right I will have fun with this vintage leather trench one more time. I love grinding and dry humping it till orgasm...you can see how wet I get from the pussy stains on the leather.

Contains: boots, coats/jackets, solo, masturbation

Coco's leather boot fucker part2

June 5, 2021,   7 mins 15

He can show her exactly how much he loves being at her booted legs. Miss Coco even teases his cock with her lips and tongue but she won't fuck him, he orders him to fuck her boots and cum on them instead.

Contains: boots, coats/jackets, femdom, dungeon, cumshot

Vicious smoking domination

June 1, 2021,   8 mins 09

A powerful goddess in leather and fur always has a human ashtray near for her smoking needs. His mouth gets filled up with her hot ashes as he lays on the floor beneath her divine leather boots. She extinguishes the cigarette on his skin with her soles.

Contains: smoking, femdom, dungeon, boots, skirts, fur

Shiny leggings wank with Nomi

May 28, 2021,   10 mins 24

What a cock tease in those shiny leggings and satin blouse! Nomi invites you to come relax with her as her gloved hands wander over her leatherclad pussy, teasing then sliding them inside... She is feeling so hot and sexy dressed like this...

Contains: trousers, high heels, gloves, solo, masturbation

Leather crosdresser caught and wanked part1

May 24, 2021,   8 mins 26

I am coming home, only to find my husband all dressed in my leathers! Now I understand his facination with my leather wardrobe...he is a slut for the touch and smell of it.

Contains: high heels, femdom, skirts, coats/jackets, boots, gloves, handjob

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