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Leather fetish therapy session 4 part2
Leather fetish therapy session 4 part2
Leather fetish therapy session 4 part2

Leather fetish therapy session 4 part2

January 19, 2022,   10 mins 05

So much horny fun in the therapy office! Assistant Nesty clearly enjoys her leathers as much as the patient...

Contains: boy/girl, blowjob, handjob, blonde, gloves, boots, stockings, skirts, coats/jackets

Leather coat and lingerie JOI

January 15, 2022,   9 mins 51

A soft leather coat...nothing gets you harder, faster. You love stroking to me as I tease you with my luxurious leather jacket, revealing my sexy leather lingerie bit by bit. I want you to follow my fingers and indulge in your leather fetish with me. Stroke, edge and repeat until I let you cum all over my leather coat.

Contains: coats/jackets, boots, stockings, lingerie, POV, JOI

Smoking in leather with Coco

January 11, 2022,   9 mins 11

Leather and smoking is what turns Miss Coco on, especially when she teases her leather lovers. Her ass looks amazing in those tight leather leggings and she smokes in such a seductive way... This bad-ass babe looks smoking hot with a cigarette in her hand and her leather jacket teases you even more.

Contains: smoking, dungeon, boots, gloves, trousers, coats/jackets, solo, masturbation

Leather mini skirt cum slave

January 7, 2022,   11 mins 38

Haha, I simply love how horny my slave gets when he sees me dressed in leather from head to toe. But he knows I own his cock and his orgasms, he is not allowed to just CUM. He must follow my orders, worship my leathers, inhale the scent of my gloves and let me control his release. I will make it even harder for him when he has to fuck my leather skirt, feeling my pussy so close...until I allow him to spunk on my leatherclad ass.

Contains: boots, gloves, skirts, femdom, dungeon, handjob, dry humping, cum on ass

The cumtract part 1

January 3, 2022,   7 mins 53

Realtor Nikki wants to sell this flat so badly, it will make her a lot of commission...her buyer seems to show a lot of interested, not only in the property but also her sexy outfit.

Contains: high heels, stockings, skirts, handjob, blonde

Sensual leather biker dress JOI

December 30, 2021,   10 mins 07

Admire your leather Mistress in her new biker style dress, legs covered in nylons and wearing the sexiest heels. Let's explore this new garment together and stroke on my command. You know you will be a good boy so you are allowed to spunk for my shiny ass.

Contains: dress, coats/jackets, POV, JOI, stockings, gloves, high heels

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