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Leatherclad strap-on lesbians part1
Leatherclad strap-on lesbians part1
Leatherclad strap-on lesbians part1

Leatherclad strap-on lesbians part1

July 23, 2024,   7 mins 07

Leatherclad girlfriends Nesty and Nikki are now fully in the mood for lesbian sex. Wearing and dressing up in all those leather garments has made them very horny. Join them for some steamy strap-on leather sex.

Contains: blonde, girl/girl, coats/jackets, boots, high heels, strap-on, skirts

Leather and boots worship JOI

July 19, 2024,   9 mins 54

When your Mistress wears her new boots, you eagerly await her with your tongue out, ready to worship on her command. I know you are going to be a good boy, underneath my leatherclad ass as I instruct you to stroke yourself. Edge and wait for the signal to cum on my boots.

Contains: boots, skirts, gloves, femdom, POV, dungeon, JOI

Lesbian leather leggings fun stage2

July 15, 2024,   9 mins 16

Both girls are ready for some hot orgasms in their leather pants. Watch how they make each other climax and join the fun.

Contains: leggings, girl/girl, boots, gloves, toy, masturbation

Leather boss Lady hostile takeover

July 11, 2024,   8 mins 37

Oh, am I sitting in your chair? Well guess what?! I am taking over whether you like it or not. I know things will be much better under my control and that includes you. So get on your knees and accept your fate as my office bitch. You can't resist my perfect, leatherclad body.

Contains: boots, gloves, skirts, coats/jackets, pantyhose, POV, femdom

Leather ass and cameltoe worship

July 7, 2024,   11 mins 05

Two leatherclad Dommes demand your attention, so come closer and start at our boots. You will be allowed to come up, ready to worship both our perfect butts and sexy camel toes. Our leggings are so deliciously tights and shiny, you will be tempted to stroke but you can't, you must focus on worshipping us.

Contains: leggings, coats/jackets, gloves, boots, femdom, POV

Leather hooded couple fuck part1

July 3, 2024,   9 mins 21

Want to see a real couple having leather fun? We both love wearing leather for pleasure and enjoy each other in these full leather outfits. Licking, smelling and tasting our leathers is so hot.

Contains: mask, gloves, boots, catsuit, boy/girl, handjob

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