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Smoking in leather with Liz

October 20, 2020,   11mins 03

You won't stand a chance with two leatherclad goddesses smoking in your direction. Our black leather gloves and cigarettes make you weak and horny. Your eyes stay focused on our lips as we inhale and exhale thick white smoke. We will allow you to stroke your cock for us as we seductively smoke but you can only CUM at the very end, when our cigarette buds hit the ashtray.

Contains: smoking, trousers, gloves, blonde, high heels, boots

Dressing for leather play

October 16, 2020,   10 mins 55

I have so much leather to wear and use for my pleasure. Come and watch me as I fit my skirt, jackets and gloves before licking, smelling and playing with my leather garments. There is so much to enjoy for us, leather lovers.

Contains: fitting, coats/jackets, skirts, high heels, solo, masturbation

Cum on Nomi's shiny ass part2

October 12, 2020,   7mins 13

She allows him to lick and taste her shiny ass as she keeps him on the leash. He will never fuck her but it is fun to make him dry hump her tight leggings. If he is a good boy, he is allowed to cum on her leatherclad butt

Contains: trousers, high heels, cum on ass, femdom, handjob, cumshot

Ass worshipping leather slave

October 8, 2020,   11mins 30

What an honour for my slave today! He not only gets to meet the new Mistress: Lady Iris Noir but we also alllow him to worship our leathers. It is fun to use his tongue on our leatherclad butts and make him lick up the dirt from our boots. He must be usefull to us!

Contains: boots, gloves, catsuit, trousers, femdom, dungeon

Leather fetish therapy session 1 part 1

October 4, 2020,   8 mins 5

t's his first therapy season and I already know from the form he filled in that he has a thing for ladies in leather. So of course I dress in my sexy leather business outfit for our meeting. I explain to my patient that his fetish is normal and he should embrace it.

Contains: skirt, coats/jackets, gloves, fitting, high heels, pantyhose, handjob

Cum loving biker girls part 2

September 30, 2020,   8mins 16

Those tight leather leggings need a good fuck as well before making a mess on their leatherclad butts.

Contains: boots, trousers, coats/jackets, handjob, blowjob, cum on ass, gloves

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