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Full leather orgasm and JOI
Full leather orgasm and JOI
Full leather orgasm and JOI

Full leather orgasm and JOI

May 16, 2024,   8 mins 01

Fully encased in leather and ready to have some kinky fun! Why don't you get closer and taste all my sexy leatherclad ass and thong. It drives me crazy and it is perfect for coming hard, whilst you edge, stroke and cum on my command.

Contains: catsuit, boots, gloves, POV, JOI, toy

Smothered by horny Dommes

May 12, 2024,   9 mins 56

Cruel and sexy...Vicky and Nesty are in a horny mood and decide to toy with their slave. They use his mouth and tongue for their pleasure and love to smother him with their leatherclad butts. He is like an object they use for their fun and whilst the Ladies have explosive orgasms, he can only leak and be of service to his horny Dommes.

Contains: blonde, femdom, leggings, gloves, toy

Leather ass worship with cumshot

May 8, 2024,   15 mins 54

After a long office day I summon my house boy to come closer. I am sure he has noticed my new leather skirt during the day. He has been good so I allow him to worship it with his nose and mouth, tasting my leathers and getting him hard. Of course my pleasure cums first, his tongue will be used to lick my leatherclad pussy before I order him to spunk on my leather skirt

Contains: skirts, high heels, pantyhose, femdom, cumshot, handjob

Dolly Diore in leather part1

May 4, 2024,   10 mins 21

Unaware she is being watched, Dolly is loving her music and sexy leather outfit. She can't help but dance and move around in her tight leggings. This is getting her quite horny! So she decides to play with herself...

Contains: leggings, boots, gloves, coats/jackets, outdoors, solo, masturbation

Orgasmic fun in leather leggings

April 30, 2024,   10 mins 53

Let's have some orgasmic fun together but the challenge is to only cum at the very end. My tight leggings and sexy ass will get you hard in no time, you can stroke whilst I orgasm over and over again, keeping your cock on the edge until you finally get to spunk on my leatherclad ass.

Contains: boots, gloves, leggings, coats/jackets, JOI, masturbation

Leather fuck me pants stage 2

April 26, 2024,   10 mins 35

So hot and horny how Nomi sucks his dick! Her lips work perfectly around his erection and her pussy will get the same oral service as him. Then it's time to start fucking in leather.

Contains: pants, boy/girl, high heels, gloves, blowjob

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