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Cream up my leather ass
Cream up my leather ass
Cream up my leather ass

Cream up my leather ass

April 22, 2024,   9 mins 27

You have a strong fetish for leather...just like me. So let's indulge and enjoy this together whilst I tease you with my leather dress, gloves and boots. In the end I want you ready to cream all over my leatherclad ass.

Contains: boots, gloves, dress, pantyhose, POV, JOI

Leather bootjob with Nesty part2

April 18, 2024,   8 mins 44

Making him hard, horny and desperate for a release only his Mistress will allow when she is satisfied with his boot humping.

Contains: boots, gloves, blonde, cumshot, skirts, femdom

Well-trained cum slut

April 14, 2024,   8 mins 35

He is such a well behaved leather slut. His mouth purely there to worship my leather boots and to eat the ashes as I am smoking. He is excited but is only allowed to cum on my Black leather boots when I allow it and obviously he needs to eat his own spunk afterwards.

Contains: dungeon, boots, coats/jackets, corset, gloves, femdom, cumshot, smoking

Double boot and leather worship

April 10, 2024,   10 mins 33

Double the leather worship duties for my him today! As Miss Liz is visiting and we both want to feel our slave's tongue on our leather boots and butts. He is SO eager to please and knows his position as our leather slave, is a big honour.

Contains: femdom, boots, gloves, leggings, coats/jackets

Leather Governess milking POV

April 6, 2024,   11 mins 44

Boy, you best get over here! I can see that my leather outfit gets you very excited, I will take control of your cock now. My soft, gloved hands will stroke and tease you...I love bringing you to the edge. Under my supervision, you will be milked and made to cum on to my long leather skirt.

Contains: skirts, gloves, boots, POV, HJ, cumshot, femdom

Lesbian leather fuck hole

April 2, 2024,   16 mins 47

Would you like to see two kinky leather clad girlfriends in action? Lucia Love has her strap-on ready for Amirah Adara, who eagerly sucks it as she knows she will get fucked with it very soon.

Contains: trousers, high heels, girl/girl, corset, strap-on

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