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Lucia's enforced handjob

April 4, 2015,   16 mins 42

Lucia can show off her blowjob and handjob skills as Master Ares and I test her willingness to please us both. She is such a good girl, taking the nipple torment and jerking off his cock until he spunks all over her face.

Contains: femdom, domination, cum on face, handjob, strap-on, trousers, gloves, boots, corset, blowjob

Tight leather clad Amirah

April 16, 2015,   8 mins 04

The sexiest ass in leather! Surely you can't but get excited by seeing Amirah in her tight, black leather catsuit. What a body! And she slowly unzips herself for you, are you ready to see it all?

Contains: catsuit, boots, solo, masturbation, dungeon

Strap-on fucked by Nikki

April 12, 2015,   11 mins 52

Princess Nikki is sporting one sexy strap-on cock and she intends to use it. Her male slave better kneel and start sucking it before she fucks his asshole fiercely. Such a powerfull leather clad Goddess, I bet you can't wait to see her in action?!

Contains: blonde, femdom, boots, trousers, corset, strap-on, gloves

Fucking sexy Shay

April 8, 2015,   11 mins 18

Shay and I just love to play with each other, all dressed in leather. My, I can't wait to use my strap-on cock on her, making her moan and cum. Would you like to see me fuck her hard? Or watch as she pleasures me by rubbing my clit through my leather pants?

Contains: strap-on, girl/girl, blonde, high heels, boots, skirts, coats/jackets, corset, gloves, trousers

Caged leather slave

March 31, 2015,   13 mins 46

Caged and no more than an object to his Mistress. The leather slave knows his place, under her divine boots and gorgeous leather clad ass. She decides whether he is allowed to breath, to lick and taste her beautiful leather attire. Do you dream of being her servant?

Contains: femdom, trousers, corset, boots, gloves, breathplay

Cum with sexy Lexie part 1

March 27, 2015,   7 mins 07

Lexie just looks stunning in her leather business suit doesn't she? She has the perfect ass for a leather skirt and her big natural tits look amazing in her satin top. Would you like to see more of this horny babe in leather?

Contains: skirts, coats/jackets, stockings, high heels, solo, masturbation

Leather loving lesbians part 1

March 23, 2015,   8 mins 22

Daniella and Angel find themselves alone in the kitchen and can't wait to show you how naughty they truly are. Would you like to take a peek up their leather skirts? These leather girlfriends have so much more to show you as well. Are you ready?

Contains: skirts, coats/jackets, boots, girl/girl

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