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Seduced in to submission part 2

June 25, 2016,   14 mins 38

He loves leather and he can't get enough of her sexy body covered in it, his cock is hard for her leather boots. She teases him even more with his lips, ensuring he is desperate enough to be obedient and ready to shoot a HUGE load of spunk over her boots.

Contains: boots, skirts, fur, femdom, cum on boots, blowjob, handjob

Voyeur wanked by leather girls part 2

June 21, 2016,   7 mins 25

These leather girls are so hot! They just love to play with your hard cock and tease you with their leather clad butts. Are you ready and horny enough to cum on those asses?

Contains: POV, voyeur, blonde, handjob, boots, trousers, cum on ass

Horny in bondage skirt

June 17, 2016,   6 mins 29

Coco de Mal is showing off her fabulous body in her new bondage leather skirt, courtesy of one of my slaves. It fits her perfectly and she loves how easy she can pleasure herself with her vintage leather gloves like this.

Contains: skirts, high heels, gloves, solo, masturbation

Leather handjob deluxe

June 13, 2016,   11 mins 44

You are in for a real treat as I am wearing my gorgeous Jitrois leather jacket, sexy skirt, classy Louboutin heels and Burberry gloves. All that luxurious leather feels so amazing on and I love to tease you with it, stroke you and let you cum on my skirt.

Contains: high heels, skirts, coats/jackets, gloves, POV, handjob, cum on skirt

Horny biker girl Tina part 2

June 9, 2016,   7 mins 15

Sexy Tina sure loves the feeling of her tight leather trousers on her bare skin. She shows you all the right angles and teases you with her hot boobs. It's time for a play in leather, don't you think?

Contains: high heels, trousers, outdoors, solo, masturbation

Triple leather worship part 2

June 5, 2016,   7 mins 13

Being a leather gimp to three Goddesses is an honour and not an easy task, especially if they are all looking stunning in their leathers and you are in a straightjacket wiggling around like a worm on the floor, your tongue ready to worship, lick and taste those gorgeous leather boots.

Contains: boots, skirts, corset, blonde, trousers, big boobs, femdom

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