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Tinas golden shower

October 23, 2016,   9 mins 38

When a lady has to go, a lady has to go. But Tina loves to pee outdoors and lifts her leather dress to reveal her sexy pussy and a huge stream of golden juice that shoots out. If you love leather and golden showers then let Tina make you cum.

Contains: outdoors, golden shower, solo, gloves, dress

Sensual leather butts

October 19, 2016,   11 mins 20

So you like girls in sexy, tight leather pants? Lexie and I love to show off our leatherclad butts and tease you with them. Would you like to see our hot asses from a bit closer? Or maybe even be sandwiched inbetween our leathers?

Contains: trousers, outdoors, boots, high heels, coats/jackets, tease, girl/girl

Leather babe makes you cum

October 15, 2016,   9 mins 20

Are you a fan of short, black leather gloves? Then let Linda take care of your fetish. She loves to get you hard with her leather gloved hands. Look at that cheeky smile on her face as she jerks you off and makes you cum on her sexy studded gloves.

Contains: leather gloves, handjob, blonde, cum on gloves, boots, POV

Vintage classy handjob

October 11, 2016,   13 mins 46

One of my favourite vintage clips featuring lots of leather and sexyness. My driver gets a closer look of my leather skirt, hot pussy and juicy lips. This will surely please all of you who like the classic lady in leather look, combined with satin and heels. Enjoy!

Contains: gloves, skirts, high heels, stockings, masturbation, handjob, cum on gloves, blowjob

Sensual blowjob in leather part1

October 7, 2016,   8 mins 19

Coco loves how she can tease your cock with her hot body, leather skirt and short leather gloves. Slowly she gets your dick harder and harder and she sensually wraps her sexy lips around your erection. Now you can feel her sucking you off whilst having a great view of her leather outfit.

Contains: blowjob, skirts, handjob, POV, high heels, masturbation, gloves

Leather smothered cum slave part 2

October 3, 2016,   7 mins 31

My submissive boy is now so horny from breathing in all my leather aromas. My gloves and leatherclad butt have been firmly planted on his face. Now he is allowed to lick my ass and get himself off onto my beautiful leather butt. We all like a nice bit of cum on leather, don't we?

Contains: femdom, trousers, boots, gloves, dungeon, cum on trousers

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