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Wanked by My leather coat part 1

March 24, 2019,   9 mins 44

My long leather coat is soft and sexy and so is the satin lining. It is perfect for teasing and getting him hard. My red lips will do the rest, ensuring his cock is fully erect. Then I use my leather skirt to smother his face and my coat to jerk him off. The touch of leather and satin on his dick will surely make him cum hard. I love a messy load of spunk on my leathers.

Contains: coats/jackets, pantyhose, high heels, skirts, handjobs, blowjobs

Her leather sex slave part 2

March 20, 2019,   9 mins 57

He is so horny, his cock is throbbing but as her sex slave, Miss Tina's pleasure only matter. He must be the seat she can fuck and bring her to orgasm. She loves riding the dildo gag with her leather skirt lifted up. She is such a leather Goddess.

Contains: boots, stockings, gloves, skirts, femdom, toy

Boss lady in tight leather skirt

March 16, 2019,   9 mins 00

A Boss Lady wears leather, especially tight and classy items like this skirt. It shows my femininity and power and you cannot resist it. I will show you my new skirt from up-close and expect your tongue being ready to worship my leatherclad ass.

Contains: high heels, skirts, POV, femdom

Lesbian wife cuckolds hubbie part 1

March 12, 2019,   8 mins 13

Sexy and seductive yet with a devious mind, his wife Coco is about to give him the surprise of his life. She introduces her new girlfriend Nesty to him and confesses she rather fuck her than him. Not just once but she will be a permanent lesbian now and he can only stay around if he will be her house husband, her cuckold.

Contains: blonde, girl/girl, skirts, gloves, cuckolding

Addicted to your leather Queen

March 8, 2019,   11 mins 02

You can't stay away, you can't resist your Queen in tight leathers can you? Of course you can't, you were made to worship my soft leather dress, made to be teased by my nyloned legs and sexy black leather thong. You are hopelessly addicted to me, you simply have to obey and be put to work with your tongue.

Contains: high heels, stockings, dress, POV, femdom, dungeon

The wedding anniversary cuckold part 2

March 4, 2019,   10 mins 56

Not like he imagined his wedding anniversary to be like, but he loves his leatherclad wife so much, he is willing to be cuckolded by her. At her feet he feels best as she gets fucked by her leather lover. He cums on her bare feet, right in to his mouth. He will taste his spunk and her leathers for a long time to come.

Contains: trousers, boy/girl, cuckold, cumshot, gloves, femdom

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